“The work environment feels like google.”

“It feels so inspiring.”

“This place looks like it belongs in LA.”

“I’ve been in every large screen printing facility in the US, and I’ve seen none as clean and organized as Ithen USA!”

These are among some of the many kind remarks we’ve been told about our showroom and facility, and we are glad to hear them because that’s the effect the artists and founders Chris and Joanna Ithen, were going for when they designed their showroom and production facility.  


Both Chris and Joanna, believed that creating an outstanding showroom for their customers who needed to go beyond ordering online and visit them in person could relax and enjoy a 5 star experience, but also to have a work environment that was inspiring for all of their team members to continue to grow and expand as individuals.

Ithen USA seeks out positive, ambitious, driven individuals who are committed to living up to the company values to exceed the customers expectations and go the extra mile to achieve company goals. We call our team members All-Stars, and work to cultivate team spirit of our group to increase the probability of success and boost morale. All-Star team members at Ithen USA can enjoy coffee, spring water and healthy snacks in the break room and indoor and outdoor eating areas to regain energy and focus to take on the challenges of the typical high paced day. We challenge you to learn and aspire to achieve excellence while we grow, together strong.

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